Annual Finals Prize Pool

the New Denver Poker Tour is offering an all cash prize Pool for its annual finals which are played in early June each year.  The finals prize pool will be a minimum of $4,000 to a maximum of $10,000 each year.  The prize pool will be formally announced in May of each year. 

Many of our players use the annual prize pool to enter WSOP tournaments where they can will cash prizes ranging from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.




So Let's Talk Free Poker

Let’s talk free poker
How about a free poker question and answer discussion!
Q: What does that mean?
A: It means no player ever has to pay anything to play our games and every player has an equal chance to win all prizes.
Q: Who pays for all the prizes, the equipment, the web site, tournaments, etc.?
A: Ultimately, the bar or restaurant pays the New Denver Poker Tour a fee to provide entertainment to their patrons.  The New Denver Poker Tour takes a portion of the fees collected uses to pay for the prizes, equipment, web site tournaments and staff.
Q: Why would a bar or restaurant do that?

Good question, most bars and restaurants do that for several reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • To attract patrons who might not otherwise patronize their establishment
  • To retain existing patrons and have them stay at the establishment for a longer period of time per visit, with the hope that they will purchase more food and beverages
  • To raise their sales and increase their profitability
We suggest that while you are enjoying poker at our venues, have some food and drinks, you know the saying "Poker is more when eating and drinking!"