What are you playing for?

You can play free poker with a lot of poker tours but only the New Denver Poker Tour offers a 2018 WSOP™ Main Event seat worth $10,000. 

The seat provides the opportunity to win a 1st place prize of millions of dollars. 



2008 WSOP Main Event Winner - Peter Eastgate1

1WSOP is a registered trademark of the World Series of Poker & Ceasars Entertainment Corp - All rights reserved.

Certificate usage schedule –– Bimonthly Tournaments

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, April 1, 2017 – the New Denver Poker Tour announces the following schedule for all future bi-monthly’s.  Specific dates of bi-monthly’s will be announced through the NDPT calendar pages.




the New Denver Poker  ---  All Regions Bi-Monthly Schedule


   Certificates Earned in the Months of         Will be used to play in the bi-monthly in    

 January - February


 March - April


 May - June


July - August


 September - October


 November - December